Should you consider getting an RRSP loan?

Should you get an RRSP loan? The essential message from this discussion on RRSP loans boils down to one thing: don’t do it. In this article, I’ll explain the concept of an RRSP loan, its operational dynamics, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether it’s wise to take out a loan for RRSP contributions. Did you […]

Life Insurance Vancouver | Retirement Plans

Life Insurance Vancouver | Retirement Plans Thomas Chan is a reliable consultant for all your financial requirements, including life insurance products in Vancouver. He assists in improving your outlook and life overall. It’s widely acknowledged that taxes have been the largest financial burden for families since the 1960s. Thomas Chan has unearthed strategies to leverage life […]

Canada Emergency Benefit Account (CEBA) Update – [January 2021]

In this blog entry, I’m eager to update you on the most recent developments regarding the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) as of January 2021. What makes this advantage outstanding is its straightforward application process. Unlike the CRB or EI, where you must reapply biweekly, CEBA simplifies things. Plus, if you satisfy all the criteria, […]

RRSP 101

The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) serves as a vehicle for Canadians to increase their funds for retirement, and in this introduction to RRSPs, I will cover all the essentials you need to understand about RRSPs. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) offers favorable tax treatment to RRSPs, and I will explain how to leverage this […]

Tips to Save on Taxes

Retirement Planning Vancouver | Tips to Save on Taxes Were you aware that the largest financial burden on a family is taxes? This situation has persisted since the 1960s. On every dollar earned, the typical Canadian household forks over 45% in taxes. To add insult to injury, inflation rates are skyrocketing. The government extracts a […]

Retirement Planning Vancouver | Sharing Life Plans

Retirement Planning Vancouver | Sharing Life Plans Retirement Planning Vancouver highlights that numerous young individuals have just completed their education, whether from university or trade school, and are eager to move forward. With their professional. As well as with their personal life. They don’t yet have quite the idea of, nor do. Do they consider […]

How Does Life Insurance Work in Canada?

Although discussing life insurance might not seem like the most thrilling subject, I assure you that it holds more significance for your and your family’s monetary well-being than you might realize. Within this article, you’re going to become familiar with the essential jargon related to life insurance, uncover the variety of insurance options available in […]

Is It Better to Take Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) Early?

Are you curious about the optimal time to start receiving the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) benefits in Canada? Do you find yourself pondering questions such as “how much CPP will I receive at age 60?” and “is it advisable to start CPP early?” It’s important to note that each individual’s circumstances vary, but here are […]

Will & Estate Planning Checklist for Canadians

Ever thought about what goes down with your stuff if you get sick or kick the bucket in Canada? Maybe you’re curious about the time it takes to fight over a deceased’s assets or the magic recipe for deciding who scores what from the estate? Well, I’m here to unpack the ABCs of estate planning […]