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Life Insurance

Explore how life insurance can provide peace of mind and safeguard your most cherished assets, giving you the confidence to face the future with security and certainty.


Unlock the path to a worry-free retirement and discover financial strategies that can empower you to embrace your golden years with confidence and financial stability.



Find valuable insights to guide you towards informed decisions and empower you to navigate life's choices with assurance.


What Separates Thomas C. Chan Financial Services Apart

Benefits of an Insurance Broker

Get Customized Life Insurance and Retirement Solutions in 3 Steps

Comprehensive Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive assessment, taking into account your income, financial situation, assets and liability to precisely determine your life insurance requirements.

Tailored Solutions

Next, we meticulously explore insurance options from a variety of companies to craft a personalized insurance policy that aligns perfectly with your needs and budget.

Effortless Implementation

Finally, we walk you through the application process. Once the insurance company completes the underwriting process, we seamlessly put your policy into effect.

Client Testimonials

Working with Thomas has been a pleasure. He has been reliable and does a great job at explaining things in an easy to understand way.
Thomas is a fantastic financial advisor. Super helpful, knowledgable and even has a youtube channel explaining various topics. A perfect match for me as a first time invester getting me up to speed and setup. Highly recommended!
Matt T.
Thomas has been essential in helping me meet my financial goals. He takes the time to explain things clearly and gets back to me instantly with any questions I may have.
Adam K.

Meet the Thomas C. Chan Financial Services Team

Thomas C Chan


Why Choose Thomas C. Chan Financial Services?

Opting for Thomas C. Chan Financial Services for your life insurance and retirement needs places your economic well-being in the hands of an experienced professional with over 13 years of experience. Operating across Canada, including in key cities like Vancouver and Toronto, Thomas has successfully assisted hundreds of families in attaining financial independence and safeguarding their financial assets.

He offers customized solutions so clients receive individualized strategies and recommendations tailored to their specific financial objectives and situations.

Specializing in life insurance and wealth solutions, Thomas C. Chan Financial Services is dedicated to guiding its clients through their financial journey, providing confidence and a reliable asset protection and growth strategy.

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