About Us

The Advantages of Choosing Thomas C. Chan Financial Services

Proven Expertise

Benefit from over 13 years of experience in crafting insurance packages for over hundreds of families across Canada.

Comprehensive Consultations

Receive personalized advice with free consultations for life insurance and wealth solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Get quotes customized to your specific needs and budget, so you have the coverage you require.

Convenient Access

Easily connect with us via phone, email, online video conferencing, or in-person meetings (subject to availability) for hassle-free service.

Guidance Without Pressure

Enjoy expert guidance without any sales pressure, empowering you to make decisions at your own pace.

Dedicated Support

Receive 1 on 1 assistance from licensed insurance advisors who possess detailed knowledge of your account.

Flexible Assistance

Access support anytime you need it, knowing our advisors are readily available to address your concerns.

Access to Top Insurers

Compare insurance solutions from Canada's most respected companies, getting access to the best options.

Cost-Free Service

Take advantage of our services at no cost, making it easy and risk-free to explore your insurance and retirement needs.

Trustworthy Reputation

Rely on our trusted reputation for delivering reliable and dependable solutions tailored to your requirements.

Client Testimonials

Working with Thomas has been a pleasure. He has been reliable and does a great job at explaining things in an easy to understand way.
Thomas is a fantastic financial advisor. Super helpful, knowledgable and even has a youtube channel explaining various topics. A perfect match for me as a first time invester getting me up to speed and setup. Highly recommended!
Matt T.
Thomas has been essential in helping me meet my financial goals. He takes the time to explain things clearly and gets back to me instantly with any questions I may have.
Adam K.

Meet the Thomas C. Chan Financial Services Team

Benjamin Swee


Benjamin Swee, a tech-savvy engineer with a background in computer science, ventured into finance out of a passion for investing. Transitioning from self-directed investments to offering financial advice, he recognized the need for robust systems to support advisors. Teaming up with Thomas, Benjamin leverages his financial expertise and tech prowess to streamline operations. As the mastermind behind the scenes, he ensures seamless client experiences and efficient service delivery. Committed to empowering small business owners, Benjamin focuses on marketing Thomas’s brand and enhancing client interactions for a brighter financial future.

Thomas C Chan


With over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, Thomas C. Chan is a trusted financial strategist committed to helping Canadians secure their income, assets, and wealth. As the founder of Thomas C. Chan Financial Services, he offers free life insurance quotes, expert advice, and personalized consultations. Thomas understands the diverse retirement goals of Canadians, from early retirement to spending more time with family. He provides practical guidance to ensure individuals achieve their financial aspirations with confidence and peace of mind.

Sally Cheng


Sally Cheng, a seasoned financial advisor, brings over a decade of expertise to Thomas C. Chan Financial Services team. Beginning her career as a rehabilitation specialist, she developed a deep understanding of client needs and a passion for assisting others. Recognizing the challenges faced by first-generation immigrants navigating retirement finances, Sally transitioned into the financial industry to provide clarity and support. With a commitment to ensuring her clients enjoy a stress-free retirement, Sally leverages her compassionate approach and wealth of experience to craft personalized financial and insurance strategies.