Thanks for dropping by. Have you had a change in your life recently?

Got married? Had a kid? New Job? Graduate from school?

Change is constant. Change is both wonderful and scary at the same time.

Change makes you feel like you are progressing.

As you progress, you have new responsibilities and more at stake.

As a kid all you had to do was eat, sleep, play and learn.

Things have changed hasn’t it?

So what’s life like for you now?

Did you buy a new house, a new car or start a new business so you could earn more money?

Do you remember the hard decisions you had to make?

Do you remember the work it took to save the money to add to your dream?

Do you remember nights you lay awake thinking…”Is this the right decision?”

But those decisions have moved you forward. You are here today because you went out of your comfort zone to grow.

Adulting is challenging, but you are taking it like a champ!

So let me ask you something… What if it disappeared from you tomorrow?

What if the car you worked so hard to get vanished?

What if your job you worked so hard to interview for and that paid you enough to get your home just disappeared?

Scary? Do you get a pit in your stomach about it?

It seems silly that we work so hard for these amazing luxuries in our life but so few people protect it.

Protecting everything you worked hard for doesn’t mean barricading everything. It means being prepared for life.

Because life happens.

And we NEVER can predict everything life throws at us.

So we have to play the odds…

It’s like going to the casino. You know the house always wins…

Life is the same… life always wins.

But it doesn’t have to take everything away from you and your family.

It doesn’t have to take away your house, your car, your kid’s future…

You have the opportunity to hedge that.

The earlier you do it, the better it is.

Saves you money too…

Canada Life is offering

Four months of free term life insurance

Yes, you read that right!

You can now enjoy a special introductory offer, where Canada life will be waiving 4 months of premium* (*3 months for B.C.)

Watch this term life insurance video to learn more about how term insurance can fit your needs.

This is ideal for

  • Protecting your home
  • Making sure your business is safe
  • Creating a financial asset you can use leverage
  • Making sure your family is safe and well equipped for life

It’s not a matter of IF you need it. It’s WHEN you need it?

Don’t be a statistic… don’t be the one who thinks they are invincible and that nothing will happen to them.

Get started with it now. Save some money.

Start small and grow, but don’t wait until it’s too late.

Discipline weighs ounces… regret weighs tonnes.

I am here to consult and help you paint a clearer picture of how term insurance works and show you how to make being an adult that much better.


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