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How it all started

Thomas is a financial strategist now works with Canadians, one on one,
building that long term relationship. He aims to understand each family’s
situation, needs, and goals, then implement a personalized plan

Scheduled Bi-Annual Reviews

Often when working with the bank, after a few months, the advisor you were working with is gone. They’ve moved to a new bank with better pay. You are then assigned to a new advisor and you have to built that personal relationship all over again. For our team, we actively come back to you to make sure we schedule our regular reviews. We want to make sure you are updated, and informed on your financial progress.

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Personalized Planning

Often most people are tried of the cookie cutter financial plans. The plans where you visit a bank and the first thing they ask you to do is get you to invest in some mutual fund. You are asked to invest before they even know what your goals are. We like to flip things around from the traditional banks. We first discuss to see what your goals are, what do you want to achieve financially. Then we work backwards. Can our plans, ensure that you have the funds to say, start a business, buy a home, or maybe annual vacation. You point out your goal, and it is our job to guide you there.

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Comprehensive Planning

Our focus is complete planning A to Z. And sometimes, you might already have your own advisor and professionals around you. Or your workplace has already provided some of the benefits that you need. That’s great. This means that if you got 6/10 systems in place, we will focus on the other 4.

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Get Advice on a Deeper, Personal Level

Step by Step Consultation

When it comes to finances we know it is important to you. It is the key and the foundation to how life works, it makes things move. At the same time it can be extremely complicated, add on the large amount of info you can get from TV, banks, and online, and it’s tough to even know where to begin. We take it slow. Don’t worry if you don’t understand how the system works the first time. Ask us questions and make sure it is clear before you proceed. We don’t want to vaguely explain one of our tactics just to get a commission, know the system and how it benefits you before you take action.

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Options Of Different Insurance Providers

We are independent advisors. One of the biggest benefits is that we get to shop around from different banks and different insurance companies to find the right product that fits your situation. So after taking the time to understand a specific goal you have, we find a specific product ideal for you. This could differ for business owners, married or not, or if you have kids or not. It’s not the client’s job to research the ideal product, it’s the advisors.

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Access To A Team Of Advisors

In most teams, advisors work along. The reason is because each advisor serves their clients, and gets commission on the service they provide. In our case, Thomas doesn’t work alone. Instead he leads a team and also makes sure he gets the opinion of other advisors. Sometimes another advisor will look at situations from an angle the others haven’t noticed before. By working together with advisors as a team the client gets the benefit of a team of advisors, without having to pay all the advisors.

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Instant Or Automated Quotes

We don’t do instant quotes, simply because we
don’t believe that an insurance plan or a financial plan that greatly impacts your family, should be focused on just a price tag. We don’t use robot systems to figure out what you need. We speak to our clients one on one, learn about their family and dependencies. We learn about what they have at work, and look to fill in missing gaps. We understand budget is always an issue, which is why by partnering up with different insurance companies we can have a plan that serves your needs for a workable fee.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Sometimes from banks it can be somewhat challenging to get approved for insurance. And when it comes to getting accepted due to a medical condition, or a lifestyle, it can be challenging. The good news is that even in the most extreme cases, there are ways we can ensure some form of life insurance coverage. Again this will be situational, we focus on making sure that the ideal benefit is set for the customer.

Solution Based Approach

The main focal point when it comes to any financial strategy is what is the problem we are solving. Then picking out the best solution for that problem. Often banks use the same solution, (invest a mutual fund) to solve different problems. Regardless if it is saving to start a business, get a home, a car, or even to retire, it all seems to tie to the same strategy and the same product. Instead we prefer to work backwards. We find out exactly what the client is looking for, and we build the strategy backwards.

Critical Updates On YouTube

One of the systems that we are most proud of is that we run an education YouTube channel and courses. This isn’t really to push anyone to buy anything from us, but rather they are free content for all Canadians to use. To us, it is ideal that each Canadian is well educated on understanding their finances so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. And if they need a little extra help, they can come to us, or even go to an expert that they know of.

Complimentary Education

Financial education is a basic yet necessary skill that seems to be missing from our general education curriculum. Some schools have a personal finance class, but they are often treated like a joke. Using fake budgeting, rules and systems. But when it comes to the real world where you are working hard, providing for your family, and with all of life’s unpredictability, how do you prepare for finance then?

Trusted Network

The most wealthy individuals don’t just have one advisor for all their needs. In fact, there could be multiple advisors for retirement, wealth, and insurance. When it comes to a specific scenario we aren’t 100% sure on, we defer to the experts. We rather take a smaller commission, than try to force a product onto you that isn’t ideal for you. Those funds could be allocated to an expert who can serve you better. We focus on what we are good at, and defer to the experts on what they are good at.