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What is Financial 101

These are videos published on YouTube and to help Canadians understand the basics of how finances work in Canada. Starting or optimizing your finances begin with education and deep understanding.

Before you begin investing, insurance, or anything finance related, understand it to the best of your ability. Your dependencies, your family, and your future self, will thank you for it.

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Why did you start creating free content?

At team Thomas, we believe that the foundation of helping Canadians succeed financially starts with education. For some reason, finances aren’t well taught in school, even though in our opinion, it is an essential life skill. There is this delicate balance between general advice and personalized advice. While it does seem that some financial problems are unique, they can all be solved using similar overarching strategies.

What differs will depend on your goals, life events and milestones you want to reach. Also the finite numbers of knowing how much to allocate into each strategy will differ person to person. This is our motivation in creating as much free content as possible to educate as many Canadians as we can reach. And when it comes to the finite details, that is where a personal consultation comes and covers those details.

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Who are these videos for?

These videos are ideal for Canadians, who are worried about financial security during retirement, worried about their family facing financial hardships when it comes to unexpected events, or overall lost when it comes to financial stability.
When individuals or families encounter big life milestones such as getting married, buying a home or having kids, financial responsibilities change. The financial benefits that you have access to also change. These videos work well for those in about to jump into a transition in life.

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Why are we giving away general financial strategies?

We see and meet enough Canadians struggling financially already. We aren’t the type of team to see a problem that impacts a large number of Canadian families and just ignore it. And it just doesn’t make sense to quote an hourly rate to someone already struggling. If we can produce content or give away those one or two tips that can positively impact someone’s finances, then why not.

By helping a large number of Canadians improve their way of life, we believe that also helps boost Canada’s economy and Canada’s way of life. From our view, financial hardship is avoidable. Similar to driving a car, no one expects to get into an accident, yet we habitually put on a safety belt. We work in the same way, where we ensure that the safety belt and airbags are in place, while helping you go as fast as possible.

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Can I watch these videos and not work with you?

Of course. These videos are designed to get you on the right track. If you feel that you can do it on your own, by all means. However, we do suggest that at the very least you jump on a consultation call with us. The consultation is free and there we can give you a more personalized experience, something impossible for us to do just by publishing content.
In addition, working with us doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay us hourly. We don’t believe in charging high fees to families who might be struggling. By getting on that consultation call, we can discuss and explain how it all works.

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If I’m a client, should I still watch these videos?

If finances are important to you and a big aspect of your life then of course. Use these videos as a refresher to why we are implementing the strategies that we are doing. Also in Canada, rules change, and when they do, they could potentially impact you. We do our best to keep the most up to date content on our videos as possible.

Also what happens is that sometimes your goals might shift based on what you see. Countless times now I have heard the phrase, “I didn’t know that was possible.” When it comes to working with me, open up first and be clear on what you want, and even show me what you believe is impossible.

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What is the best way to consume this content?

When it comes to consuming any content, it isn’t about just watching for knowledge only. Rather it is more about implementing the knowledge that is given to you. And when it comes to your finances, before making any drastic changes to your financial strategies, always consult a professional if the strategies presenting are right for your situation.
If you are able to dedicate the time, then weekly would be more than sufficient. Taking a bit out of your day to keep yourself savvy when it comes to finances can only be beneficial to you and your family in the long run.

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What if there is a topic I would like covered,
but I don’t see it yet.

We always listen and welcome ideas from our audience, after all, we make this content for you. Send an email to for ideas of new content.

Even if the topic is outside of finance, perhaps mindset or even tactics to earn more income. We don’t want to limit the possibilities so please ask away.

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Can I share your videos with friends and family?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. If my content can help a family and improve their financial position, then I’m more than happy to have an impact on that. But as always, encourage them to seek out a professional before implementing any of these tactics on their own.

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Do you run talk shows?

I don’t do it often but I do get inquiries about professionals who not only want more exposure, but also want me to appear on their channel. I am more than happy to chat with you and how our team goes about doing that.

Send an email to to inquire about doing talk shows with me.

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