Most People Enter Retirement On A Strict Budget

Inflation is going to kill your retirement -- unless you prevent it. 

Right now, the government is giving out benefits like candy. 

Which is fine, but have we considered the consequences? What unexpected financial crisis lies in wait for us?

A crash? Hyperinflation? The shattering of the economy and the reduction of retirement benefits?

The value of money is already shrinking and inflation is crushing our buying power.

With Canadians under so much pressure, how could they possibly prepare for retirement?

  The “experts” give you the same bunk advice about “setting a weekly budget”, but will that get you the life you want?

“Set a weekly budget”, “Be more frugal”, “Save 20% of your income”

The advice you constantly hear from family, friends, or advisors all your life.

This is the classic --

“Max your RRSP, then you can retire.”

This is an unclear strategy focused on accumulating assets.

And when people hear this, they end up creating their own strategy. 

People just save what they can. 

But most don’t. With life’s ups and downs, many don’t even think of a plan.

This is very risky. 

Some people end up losing over half their money to inflation. At a 3% inflation rate, after 40 years your buying power reduces by 70%!

That means a $3 coffee will be $10.

Others might lose to a crashing market. And others, face sickness or unforeseen accidents.

With an unclear strategy and even more unknowns, we have left with stressed and confused Canadians.

Secure Your Retirement From The Next Crisis by

We Save Money Our Entire Lives Only To Have No Idea What To Expect When We Retire

Let me explain.

First, does the traditional retirement plan work? Gets you what you need?             

-- It actually does!  If followed, and in a “perfect world”, you should have your home paid off. Plus you should have enough to survive.

But that’s the problem. First, you NEED a perfect world.

Second, it’s ONLY enough to survive. So what ends up happening is there is this huge gap between the reality and the dream of the golden years.

After speaking to many seniors, I discovered that they want two things...

   Most Just Want Security And Comfort

Yeah, that’s it, it’s very simple.

Security is knowing. Knowing there is enough cash for the basics, health care is covered and help can be hired around the home.

Comfort is freedom. Freedom to go on vacations, seeing family, and living in your own home.

My goal is to help those who want a secure yet comfortable retirement life and are open to modern-day strategies.

For example, no one tells to you about how --

   Putting Money Into Your RRSP Reduces Retirement Benefits

Here‘s why.

With more money in the RRSP, you will have a larger RRIF.

RRSP becomes a RRIF at age 71 and it’s mandatory that money is withdrawn, incurring higher income and tax. 

A higher-income reduces your government benefits such as Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

It's a tough pill to swallow but...

 You Spend Your Life Saving Only To Have Your Benefits Reduced

This is why I spend the time educating and helping seniors understand these hidden road bumps such as these.

My strategies include:

  • How to beat inflation and maintain buying power? (If you live into your 90s your buying power is reduced by half.)
  • A strategy that works with RRSP to PREVENT the reduction of government benefits.
  • How to protect your wealth when there are unexpected health problems

By Now You Have Seen My Picture And Are Thinking...

You're Just A Kid! How Can You Possibly Coach Me On Money And Retirement?


Hi, my name is Thomas Chan

With 8 years of experience, I am extremely grateful that I get to help clients build their retirement life in reverse order - More on that later...

Back to the main concern...

If I’m young, and not retiring soon, how could I possibly know ANYTHING about your retirement?

Well, 3 things:

  1. My high energy keeps me updated on the latest from Canada and I continuously train from different financial experts. I condense all of that value and bring it to my clients.
  2. Being young allows me to support, and be that personal guide to walk my clients through their retirement years.
  3. I feel the pain after seeing parents and other seniors go through it

I don’t plan on stopping my career, because -- My Clients Need Me

But enough about me, this is about you

My role is to help you clearly define your retirement life and execute a reversed retirement plan.

If you are looking to park your money in some account for me to “monitor” then I’m sorry, but I'm not the advisor for you.

Most advisors can help you transfer your money into an RRSP or RRIF account.

But if you are looking for that personal guidance to lead you through the expected and unexpected events of retirement life, then let's talk.

During your golden years, finances become much more predictable. I want to learn about your interests, travel, and events that fill your day.

If you live till your 90’s your money's value shrinks by half. We want to prepare a plan that ensures you maintain your buying power.

With a higher chance of health decline, we want to set up safeguards to hedge against heavy medical bills.

It's a combination of living out your golden years while staying flexible to whatever life throws at you.

The ultimate goal is:

   Security And Comfort In Harmony

The modern approach to retirement is looking at ALL options available.

So if you prefer the traditional financial advisor approach where you just contribute to RRSP and retire.

That’s ok, I’m not the right advisor for you.

But if you wish to LIVE your golden years with security and comfort

Then find a time in the link below

This isn’t a closing call.

Instead, it is for me to get to know you and give you a personalized retirement snapshot.

To a secure future


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