Your Personal Financial GPS

No two clients are the same. Everyone has a different past, different situation, and different goal. Maybe it's the first home, starting a family or retiring abroad, my role is to get you to your destination in a timely manner.

Enjoy Complete Transparency

Some advisors paint a muddy financial picture, hiding negative news from you. Regardless of the market performance, I believe in complete financial transparency

Investing Is Just a Tool

There is no such thing as the "best" investment tactic. Every strategy, every fund, bond, or guaranteed whatever, has a reason, purpose and time to be used.




Just fix my mess

Every month it just seems your money disappears, you don't know where it's going, but it just happens. Let's consolidate and create a clear picture of your money.

Remote Advisor

It's a new digital age. No longer do we need to meet in the same room. Do you live abroad? On the other side of Canada? No worries.


No one controls what happens in life. What should we do to protect our income? What should we do when health gets the better of us?

Young chicken

Don't let my baby face trick you. With 10 years of experience and being in my mid-30s, that puts me at a unique advantage. I can support you, deep into your retirement years.

Custom Service

2-3 times a year, we sit down for a review to see if you are financially on track. Check the events in your life. Then make adjustments to your goals and plans.

Snapshot for Tomorrow

By taking a clear snapshot of today. We can make quick money-saving adjustments. We find out exactly what your goals are, then, we work together to make it happen.

Don't Listen To Me - Here's What My Clients Say

About Thomas C. Chan

Thomas Chan is a financial coach focused on helping Canadians retire with confidence, security, and wealth with nearly a decade of experience. With the diversity of retirement goals, from early retirement, more time with family, or even retirement abroad, the traditional methods of simply saving are no longer sufficient. Thomas challenges and disrupts the original concept by bringing in new age strategies, life, and financial coaching systems, together.

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Thomas is an advisor with NOVELLA WEALTH

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