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The road is smoother to navigate when you know where you are.

Getting a clear picture of where you are today will allow you to plan to your destination. You plan your vacation don't you? Planning your life is the same. Get clear on how to take your life to the next level.

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Canadians live paycheque to paycheque.


of Canadians have less than 3 months savings.


of Canadians could come up with $2000 in emergency money if needed.

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Have comfort knowing you made educated decisions

I empower you with knowledge to make better choices to achieve your dreams.

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Insurance Planning

Knowing how to protect is as important as knowing how to grow. I will show you how you can use insurance to protect you and your money from the tax man when your world is upside down.

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Retirement Planning

Knowing your money will outlive you will give you peace of mind. I will show you what you need to do to have a vibrant and abundant retirement.

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Wealth Planning

Get clear on what you need to do to get ahead. Learn the steps to get you closer to that house, car or vacation property!

Where to start?

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Learn your starting point

Book a time to chat to see if we are a good fit. I will share tools and strategies with you to start you on your journey.

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Create and Take Action

We'll create a plan based on your specific needs. I'll show you how to achieve them and take you through it step by step.

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Refine and Monitor

I monitor the changes in the marketplace and your life. I touch base consistently to make sure the plan is on the right track and adjust if needed.

I know what it's like to fear money.
I know it's scary to talk about money.
I know what it's like to feel lost.

Let me share my story with you and share why I'm passionate about empowering you.

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Why me?

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How have I helped my clients?

I met Thomas about a year ago. He is a great advisor and an awesome individual. During our first meeting, he analyzed my financial situation and asked for my risk tolerance. He recommended me the product accordingly. As a result of that, I started growing my money around 8% until this disaster (Coronavirus) struck in.. lol!. But he surely will find a way to get my investments back on track. He usually contacts me every 6 months to know about my financial situation and act accordingly. I believe I am at a level where I can trust him blindly. I surely will recommend him to my friends and family in the future.

I have been working with Thomas for the past three years and every time I speak to him I can feel his passion, knowledge, and commitment to working with me. Thomas always begins by asking me what my financial goals are and from there lays out the tools and plans necessary to help me achieve it. At first I was unsure about what the world of finances has to offer but Thomas was there to guide me through every step of the way. I would highly recommend Thomas to everyone, whether or not you have a clear idea about your financial future.

When I thought about my financial future, I felt vulnerable. I wanted to grow my money consistently, with a plan that would beat the interest my bank was giving me, but I didn’t know how. Not only did Thomas educate me about my current risks and opportunities, he made me think differently about my goals ten years from now, and change my perspective on money. Because of Thomas, I feel more confident on a day-to-day basis because I know I’m not ignoring my money and I am making smarter financial decisions.

My 3 Step Process


About Insurance Planning and protecting your family when things don't go as planned.


Let's chat about your retirement plans are. Where are you now and what you need to go.


Let's plan how to help you build your wealth so you can achieve your dreams.

You can control your future

Being your trusted advisor means that I help create the most efficient route to freedom I can while being accountable, responsible and fair.

Unlike other advisors, I am keen on keeping an open communication policy with my clients. Being highly responsive and ensuring that you feel well taken care of is top priority. Working with me is easy.

We start off with a discovery call.

This is where I really get to know you and all the things that are happening. This conversation is easygoing as I help you find out where your starting point is and what your goals you may have.

This conversation is really a chance for you and I to get a feel for if we want to work together. There is no commitment and I won't push you to work with me. I love my clients and look to only work with those I feel could be long term. It's about building a relationship and because money is such a precious thing, trust is absolutely mandatory for both of us. I want to make sure that we are both 100% certain that we want to work together to help you achieve your dreams.

Build a Plan together

By sharing your dreams and your starting point, I can take that information and do research to create a plan that is efficient, responsible and accountable. I spend the time to educate you on your options. We discuss the benefits of the plan and how it aligns to what you want to achieve. It is my goal to ensure that you understand how the plan works. While I know that if we decided to work together, you will trust my recommendation, but I want to always make sure that you feel comfortable and educated.

Implement and Monitor

Once you feel comfortable with the plan we start to put the wheels in motion. We make sure that you are prepared, educated and comfortable with the plan. From there we monitor for changes in your life or the world that may require us to adjust things. Life is constantly changing and making sure that I am in contact with you frequently allows me to make changes if you have new goals or other things come up like inheritances, children, education, early retirement or medical emergencies. As your trusted advisor, it is my duty to keep your road to your dreams as smooth as possible.

Thomas, Who are you

In the past 10 years, I have been working as a financial consultant. My mission is to empower millions of Canadians with financial literacy. I believe, everyone has the ability to unlock wealth and reach financial independence.

What do you specialize in?

My focus is retirement, wealth, and insurance. The reason:

  1. A lot of Canadians aren’t clear on these three topics, however, these three are essential to reaching financial independence.
  2. A lot of Canadians are being promoted ETFs, Funds, and whatever investment, but these are only the tools. However, a tool without a strategy is not effective.
  3. There is too much information of an information overload right now. My job is to collect, filter, and deliver.

What makes you different from a bank?

I am independent, and I don’t work for any bank or any financial institution. Instead, I have the flexibility to see which financial institution is the most suitable for your situation.

I don’t take a cooking cutter approach to your financial journey. Bank advisors often have a goal of getting as much transaction as possible into a mutual fund, as they have quotas to meet. 

You are just a name and a number on their spreadsheet. That is why you won’t see the same advisor in the 2nd year.

But to me, this is a long term commitment. That is why my service and reviews are always on point.

I prefer to focus on the client’s end goal instead. I find out what it is you truly want, then map out the GPS to get you there. 

So do you just help me invest?

Choosing a magic bullet fund isn’t my forte. What I do is focus on the big picture of where you are currently at, and more importantly, where do you want to go. I create both offensive and defensive strategies because just like any sports, you cannot win any game without either-or.

I see insurance and financial consulting, so what exactly do you do?

Just like a doctor I first get an understanding of what problems you have. Discover the exact cause of it, then provide a remedy.

For example, if you have a headache or a sore throat, the root isn’t about the symptoms, the root cause is always deeper.

Insurance and financial consulting is only a potential remedy to that root cause.

I have my own advisor already, can I get your opinion?

The truth is, based on 90% of the most wealthy, actually have a team of advisors, each focusing on a different specialty. My question to you is, does your advisor help you with the following: Tax saving, investment strategy, business planning, retirement planning, estate planning. Etc.

If not, I may be able to help you out. The advisor that is right for you may not necessarily be me, but we are building a network and we can work closely with your advisor as well. 

How do I know that if I work with you, you don’t run off with my money?

You never actually write a cheque to me. You actually write a cheque to large institutions that I am contracted with. My focus is the actual planning. So even if I am no longer in the business, the institutions continue to hold your assets. 

You are free to appoint anyone to manage your assets or move your assets out on your own. As the client you have full control of your accounts, my job is to facilitate. 

Approximately how long will it take for you to respond to me?

I make the effort to always get back to any one of my clients within 24 hours.

How often will we be in communication?

You will receive monthly statements from the institutions I work with. But more importantly, I will be reaching out to you roughly every 6 months, reviewing your finances, and if any of your goals have changed. The best approach to financial consulting is clear and constant communication. 

How much do I need to start working with you?

I can’t answer this yet. It really depends on what your goals are and what you hope to achieve. My job is to build that financial road map from where you are at, not take a large fee from you or take your cash and invest it into some random fund without any reason.

Hey Thomas what is the cost of working with you?

I get compensated in two ways.

  1. If you like to DYI but are seeking a consultation to see if your strategy is on track. I charge an hourly fee for my consultation.
  2. If you decide to follow my plan and choose a product through my recommendation, I’ll waive off the hourly fee. (As I will send the bill to the financial institutions)

But either way, what I need most is your time and your transparency.

Learn How to Be Smart with Your Money

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About Me

Throughout my years within the industry, I have built a reputation for developing personal financial strategies, setting up risk management, and accumulating wealth for young individuals and families. Starting from friends and becoming extended family members, there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing people accomplishing their financial goals.

I want to focus on helping Canadians to make the right financial decisions. No matter what age group or background you are in, knowledge has the potential to unlock wealth.

The more you know, the better you become!

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