Retirement Planning Vancouver | Shedding Light On 3 Retirement Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding retirement planning Vancouver says Thomas Chan. He hears so many misconceptions from people. That the sooner people can learn the truth about retirement. The better they will be able to avoid making mistakes.

Retirement Planning Vancouver

Myths often give Canadians an unrealistic picture. Of what they need to retire, they often underestimate how much money they need. And therefore, they do not put enough money away. And they do not start saving soon enough.

A common misconception that people believe is that they do not need to start saving. For their retirement, immediately. They are usually more worried about immediate problems.

Such as paying their credit card bills. Saving up for a down payment on a home. Once they have a home, paying for a mortgage. And saving money for their children’s postsecondary education.

And while these things are important. Thomas chances retirement planning Vancouver is just as important. Because it will ensure that they can live a comfortable lifestyle. Once they stop working.

Even if a person thinks they do not have enough money. To start saving now, Thomas Chan argues that it is better. To start saving a little bit of money now. And letting the compound interest accumulate over time.

Rather than waiting until they have more money to but to their savings. Later in life, a great example of this is a person who start saving. Just three hundred dollars a month, when they are twenty-five years of age. This amount of money will allow them.

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To have accumulated a million dollars by the time they are sixty years old. That will allow them to have a very decent lifestyle, once they retire. If a person starts saving when they are forty years of age.

There going to need to put aside thousand dollars a month. In order to have the same amount of money. People who do not think they can afford. To put away for their retirement now.

Our not going to be able to put down three times as much money. In fifteen years from now. Therefore, Thomas Chan says effective retirement planning Vancouver means. Saving a little bit now. And allowing interest to accumulate.

Another myth that people believe about retirement planning. Is thinking that Social Security is going to pay for what they need. And they do not need to save very much money. Everyone pays towards Canada pension plan, or old age security.

But that does not mean it is going to give people enough money to live when they retire. In fact, Thomas chances as baby boomers retire. The Canada pension plan and old age security benefits. Become even more strained, leaving less in the coffers for future retirees.

As well, people are living longer. And therefore, drying more of the pension and old age security. The Canadian government has come out on record by saying it is only enough. To cover about a third of your living expenses when you retire.

Rather than counting on the government assistance. People should take matters into their own hands. And ensure that they have enough money, through appropriate retirement planning Vancouver.

Retirement Planning Vancouver | Shedding Important Light On Retirement Myths

Many people do not understand retirement planning Vancouver. They often believe things that are not true. Which causes them to not save enough money. Or, not save early enough in their life.

It is very important that people understand exactly how much money they are going to need. When they retire, so that they can have it saved up in that amount of time. Many people believe that they are not going to need as much money when they retire.

Believing that they will have paid all of their highest expenses. Such as their mortgage, or no longer having a car payment. Or credit card bills. And while many people only need 70 to 80% of what they used to make, in retirement.

Thomas Chan says it is a very bad idea to have retirement planning count on. Spending less money when they are older. Not only are there unexpected expenses like inflation and taxes. But there will also certainly be some unexpected health expenses.

And if people have to go in for expensive treatments. That are no longer covered by their health insurance. Or, if they have to go into an assisted living facility. Than their expenses are certainly going to increase.

Therefore, people should not count on expenses going down. By having the right determinant planning Vancouver to have enough money. When they retire, if they end up spending less. Then they will be able to do what they want with the excess money.

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Another misconception that people have for their retirement planning Vancouver. Is believing that their spouse is going to take care of them. While this is a really wonderful thought admits Thomas Chan. What if it is the other way around, and it is their spouse that needs to be taken care of.

What if, the spouse passes away. Or, it is very unfortunate to say. But almost half of Canadian marriages end in divorce. A person cannot always count on having a spouse to take care of them. Rather than counting on something that they cannot control.

Thomas Chan recommends retirement planning Vancouver that allows people. To have finances in their own name. So that no matter what happens, through divorces, or deaths. People will have that money, to see them through their retirement.

If they do have a spouse that is taking care of them. And they have enough money for retirement. Imagine the wonderful lifestyle there going to be able to have. Eating out for dinners, or going on wonderful vacations.

While many people do not like to think about financial uncertainty. By thinking about it, and putting it into the right retirement planning Vancouver. Thomas chances people can not only have a great plan for the future. They can certainly have enough money, to live a lifestyle that they desire.

People should call or email Thomas Chan and his team today. In order to sit down, and find out the facts for themselves. So that they can be certain of having enough money. When they are ready to stop working.