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Everybody wants a fantastic retirement, but that takes effective retirement planning Vancouver. Thomas chances he has more than happy to help people with that retirement plan. However, that means unlearning misconceptions that they may already have.

Retirement Planning Vancouver

Many people think that they need far less to retire. Than they actually do, that is one of the first. Misconceptions that Thomas helps people unlearn. In fact, not only will people need more money than they realize.

More people are living longer. Statistics say that millennial’s are expected to live well into their nineties. Which means, when people retire. They need to have enough money. To live for another forty years.

While that is great news, for people who are looking for a wonderful life. After they are done work. That also means that they need to start saving for retirement. Sooner than they think. And save more money than they realize.

Thomas Jan, and his retirement planning Vancouver firm. Ensures that people take everything into consideration. Including taxes, inflation, potential health concerns. And even money that may be needed to repair the home.

As well, they will help people understand. That even though they are going to be getting Canada pension plan, or old age security. That does not mean people will have enough from this Social Security to live off of it.

Especially as more baby boomers retire. The Canada pension plan and old age security funds become strained. Leaving less money for current retirees. As well, the Canadian government has gone on record.

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To say that Social Security is only designed. To supplement someone’s income. To about a third of what they need in total to retire. Requiring the rest of the two thirds, to be made up by each retiree.

Currently, Thomas Chan has people there retirement planning Vancouver documents. Expecting to need about a million dollars. When they retire at the age of sixty. This means, that people are going to need to start saving immediately.

And while many people think that they do not have enough money. To start saving immediately. Because they have a lot of other immediate concerns. Like paying for their student loans, or saving for a home.

Even a small amount of money. With compound interest over time, is going to equal a lot more money. Then many people realize. It is far better to start saving a small amount now. Then assume they will have a larger amount later.

The last thing that people want to do. Is put off planning for their retirement. And end up with not enough money, when they are done working. In fact, many people think that there going to work through their retirement.

But life, and health concerns often have other plans. Therefore, people should think about retirement planning Vancouver sooner. And plan for all eventualities, including. Potentially not working retirement for many different reasons.

Thomas Chan is ready for people to meet with him. In order to talk about retirement, and other financial concerns. Call or email in order to arrange your consultation today.

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Many people do not want to think about retirement planning Vancouver says Thomas Chan. Because they think that they will be taking care of. Through other means later in life. They also know that they do not have enough money.

To save now, because they are paying for bills. Saving up for home. And putting money away for their children’s education. As well as spending money on all the fun things, like vacations. Because they want to.

However, if people do not save now. They will be left without a retirement fund later. And that can be very problematic. Thomas Chan encourages all Canadians to think about retirement planning Vancouver now. So that they are not left with a problem later.

A common problem that he comes across when talking to people about retirement planning Vancouver. Is thinking that people are going to be working throughout their retirement. So saving money is not necessary.

While many people want to work throughout retirement. Because work is their identity. And it makes them happy, and keeps them fulfilled. However, that is not always possible for many different reasons.

A person may be asked to retire for many different reasons. The company may be sold, the position downsized. Or, people may not be able to work. Because of health concerns. Even if they are able to work.

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They should do so, because it fulfils them. And not because they need to in order to live. Therefore, even if people want to work throughout retirement. Thomas chances they should plan on saving enough money.

Or the retirement, so that they do not have to. Something else that cause people to not plan for their retirements the way they should. Is assuming that their spouse will take care of them. This is a great idea in theory.

But Thomas Chan says they should not count on things. That are completely out of their control. Their spouse might lose their job, or become unable to work. Through a health concern, as well as much as he does not like to say it.

40% of marriages in Canada end in divorce. So a person may not have their spouse, when they get to retirement age. Rather than count on spousal support. People should save retirement money in their own name.

That no matter what life circumstances are thrown at them. People will still have finances for their retirement. If their spouse is able to support them. That will be great, and they will have additional money. To live there retirement, the way they desire.

Finally, people should not count on their children supporting them either. Again, like counting on their spouse. It may not be possible. Children may not be financially secure enough to support parents.

So therefore, Thomas Chan recommends. Not counting on external forces when retirement planning. But rather, plan for what they can count on. And the rest, will work itself out. Call Thomas Chan today to start your retirement planning Vancouver now.