Life Insurance Vancouver | What Is The Right Coverage

Most people hear that it’s very important to have life insurance according to life insurance Vancouver expert, Thomas Chan. However, not only are there many products, consumers need to be wary of purchasing the right product for them, and utilizing an advisor who will help them understand what they need, instead of trying to sell them on every product that’s available.

Life Insurance Vancouver

Confusion around what products to get, as well as not learning why it’s important to have life insurance. This is what causes about 40% of all Canadians to not even purchase life insurance, which has huge repercussions for individuals and their families. Therefore, it’s important that not only Canadians learn what life insurance products work for them, but also learn why it’s a important in the first place.

Delaying Can Cause An Increase in Premiums

Unfortunately, most Canadians learn about why life insurance is important the hard way, when a loved one dies uninsured. By then, it is too late, but this is something that life insurance Vancouver advisor Thomas Chan is hoping to fix. He believes that by demystifying life insurance and teaching people about it he can help more Canadians not only learn about this significant insurance, but also help them choose the best product for their family.

Get the Info you NEED

He does this in part through a series of YouTube videos that are not only informative, they don’t talk down to the viewer. People become educated while being entertained, and can make more informed decisions, without feeling talked down to. These videos also help people learn common life insurance myths, including the fact that life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. And why it’s important for people to start getting life insurance while they are young and healthy.

Life Insurance Vancouver | Demystifying the Insurance Products Available

One of the most confusing aspects of life insurance for citizens is understanding if they need term life insurance and whole life insurance. While there are several different types of both term and whole life insurance, that question isn’t so easy to answer says life insurance Vancouver Advisor, Chan. There actually is no “one insurance policy fits all”, which leads to confusion. Many things must be taken into consideration to make that determination.

Life Insurance Vancouver

Chan says that your life insurance needs are actually resolved by answering many questions such as your job and income. Even factors like marital status, your age, number of dependents and even the amount of debt you are currently serving work together to form your insurance needs. And finally according to Chan, each type of insurance to choose from has pros and cons, which further muddies the waters when it comes to determining insurance needs.

Choosing the Right Advisor Is Crucial

This is why it is intensely important to find a financial advisor you like and trust. That way, you can have confidence that they are steering you in the right direction, and proposing products that you truly need, instead of coming away from a meeting, feeling like you’re being sold on something just to earn them a commission. Thomas Chan goes over and above for his clients to ensure they are informed, and are the ones making the final decision. For a list of all the things that Chan and his team bring to the table, visit their website.

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Once meeting with this capable group of caring and informed individuals, people can be reassured that they not only have the best coverage for themselves, but they’ve protected their income and their family in the future, whatever it holds. While the prospect of talking about the future can be overwhelming, life insurance Vancouver, Chan and team make it easy. Call now for your initial consultation, and breathe a little easier.

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