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Thomas Chan is a financial advisor who can help you with your life insurance Vancouver needs. He is well-versed in everything that has to do with Will building wealth, planning for retirement and life insurance Vancouver products. He wants to help you build a better mindset and therefore a better life. He knows the taxes are the single most expensive thing that families will be faced with ever since the 1960s. This is why he came up with a way to use life insurance Vancouver to help protect yourself and your money from taxes.

Life Insurance Vancouver

Future generations will thank you when they are taken care of because you invested in such a way that it protected your income and wealth and also grew it. Knowing your money will outlive you gives you peace of mind but living vibrantly and abundantly in retirement helps you live out the rest of your days with a good quality of life.

Some of the things that Thomas Chan hears commonly over and over around retirement are misconceptions. People’s plan on working for a long time, well past the retirement age. This is a foolish way to think about how to retire because technology is always changing and therefore the work industry is as well. A lot of things are moving to an online method of work and this can be overwhelming to learn a new way of doing things later on in your life.

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You may also have a boss change or ownership change in the company you work for and that could make working in the same company more difficult. Another thing to consider is that your health is not going to always stay exactly the same and you may be forced to work less or not at all past retirement age.

Thinking that your spouse will take care of you is a foolish way to plan for retirement. Believe it or not many people have this in mind but they do not admit that spouses have unbalanced income levels. The person that is going to retire may not be the one with the lower income. What this means is that the one who has a higher income may be forced to retire early and this is not a way to plan for your retirement. This is actually not planning for your retirement.

Another thing that is something to be aware of is that there is a high divorce rate and you might not even be spouses when it comes time to retire.

Thinking that your children will take care of you is another foolish way to plan for retirement because your children have financial burdens of their own that they might struggle with. It is not fair to assume they will take care of you and your retirement when they are also planning for their own retirement or just their family life. You may not realize how expensive it is to live in a home where you are fully taking care of.

Life Insurance Vancouver | Open Communication Around Retirement

Thomas Chan is a financial advisor that helps you understand how to use life insurance Vancouver to protect your wealth and your future. He not only helps you protect yours but future generations as well. One of the biggest expenses for most families is taxes. It has been this way since the 1960s. Thomas Chan uses life insurance Vancouver to help deuce the taxes and help you put money away for retirement.

He is knowledgeable about wealth building, her retirement planning and life insurance Vancouver products. Many people do not think they need to start planning for retirement when they are in their younger work life.

There are common things that Thomas Chen hears about what people think is necessary to retire. One of the top eight things that people say is that they will still work even after retirement age. This might work for a while but some things to consider are that technology is always changing and so does the work industry. Many people are moving to an online way of doing things and it is harder to learn that as a new way of working.

When we are in an aged position we do not learn as fast and technology can leave us feeling inept. Another thing to think about is that you might have a change in your health and you will not be able to work as much if at all.

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If you think your spouse will be able to take care of you as your retirement plan then you are fooling yourself. You should never rely on someone’s income to retire you. The income levels between spouses can be quite unbalanced at best. The person who makes more money might be the one who retires first and then both of you are left in a bad position for retirement. In addition to this the divorce rate is 40% and so you may not even be with their spouse at that point in your life.

Expecting your children will take care of you so that you can retire is a selfish way to think. Your children will be planning for their own retirement and they have their own financial stresses that they need to take care of first and therefore will not be able to help you with retirement. You will not want to burden your children with this.

You might feel that you do not need that much money when you retire but you would be wrong if you did. You want to make sure you do not plan to be poor and have all the information you need. Things to consider and how much to put towards retirement are inflation, taxes and unexpected healthcare costs. All of these things can directly affect your retirement plans. 82 is the average life expectancy so you should always plan for longer than that age.You want to make sure you have enough to sustain you for as long as you need it.