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Thomas Chan is your financial advisor that can help you with your financial needs including life insurance Vancouver products. Over the course of working with many clients Thomas Chan has realized that most people have misconceptions about retirement and building wealth. Taxes are the single biggest expense families face and they have been since the 1960s. That is why Thomas Chan has helped uncover how to protect yourself with life insurance Vancouver products.

Life Insurance Vancouver

Not only does this help you have a vibrant and abundant retirement but it also helps protect future generations so that they are taken care of as well. If you would like to learn more about life insurance Vancouver than Thomas Chan is the trusted advisor for you. He would love to sit down with you to share with you the secrets the taxman does not want you to know. His goal is to help you have a better mindset and a better life.

One of the top things that people believe about retirement is that they plan on working for their retirement. This is not the best plan because so many things can change in the course of your working life. Things like technology have changed so much already and it is really hard to learn new methods such as online working when you have always been working a certain way. You may not enjoy The working industry the way you think you will. Something else you may know but do not admit is that you may not physically be able to work as much or at all when it comes time to retire.

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Thinking that your spouse will take care of you so that you can retire is also foolish inking. Some spouses pass away leaving you with no income. Other spouses have to retire first that might have been the breadwinner. As you can well imagine there is an unbalanced income level between spouses and you cannot count on one holding the income for both of you. Another thing to consider is that 40% divorce rate is pretty high. You may not even be with your spouse when it comes time to retire based on that statistic. It is time to have open communication about how you will handle retirement with your spouse.

Expecting your children to take care of you is also a selfish and foolish way to plan for retirement. Even if your children are wealthy it does not mean they will not have financial struggles of their own and be wanting to plan for their own retirement.

You might think that you do not need as much in your retirement as you really do. You may think I do not need as much money when it comes to that phase in my life but obviously you need to factor in inflation and taxes and any unexpected healthcare costs. Because the life expectancy is as high as 82 you will have to plan for a long retirement.

Life Insurance Vancouver | Life Expectancy Is High

Thomas Chan is a financial advisor who can help you with your life insurance Vancouver needs. He is trusted in building wealth, planning for retirement and offering life insurance Vancouver products. He helps you build a better mindset and a better life. One of the things he realized very early on is that taxes are the single biggest expense to families since the 1960s. He wants to help you overcome that expense. The way he does this is he uses life insurance Vancouver products to protect you and your money from those taxes.

Future generations will be taken care of and your money will outlive you when you use these products. Thomas Chan can show you what you need to do to have a vibrant and abundant retirement but also leave a legacy of wealth for your family. The first thing to overcome is some of the myths that you might hold about retirement and what it takes to get there.

For one thing if you are thinking that you can just keep on working as your retirement plan you are risking your future and future generations. Technology changes very quickly and a lot of things have shifted to an online workforce. If you have never worked in the online industry this will be a huge learning curve and it is not the time when you are at retirement to do this switch. You may not even be able to work longer hours or if at all. It all depends on how healthy you are and how much stamina is left for you.

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Thinking that your spouse will take care of you is also a faulty plan for retirement. Your spouse may be the breadwinner while you are working because let us face it there is an imbalance between spouses when it comes to income levels. That does not mean you can carry that income level into retirement because the breadwinner might be the one who needs to retire first. The other thing to consider is that divorce rate is really high at 40%. You may not even be with your spouse when it comes time to retire.

Something to consider is having open communication about what you will do in any of these situations. Your children will not necessarily have the means to take care of you in your retirement. If this is what your plan was for retirement you need to rethink it. They will likely have a financial struggle of their own with their own children to support as well as their future retirement.

You might think I do not need that much money when I retire. But when you say this you are actually planning to be poor because there are a lot of things to consider that change how much your money does for you in retirement. Inflation causes your money to go A lot faster. Taxes do this as well and unexpected healthcare costs are always looming.