Life Insurance Vancouver | Exposing 3 Financial Myths

There are many reasons people can give they do not have life insurance Vancouver yet. And while they might have many reasons that they consider valid. They always say that they are planning on having something in the future.

Life Insurance Vancouver

Unfortunately, that time in the future. To start saving for life insurance Vancouver. Often does not happen, or at least not soon enough. For many Canadian families. Tragedy strikes across the country every day.

Leaving families without a plan, completely in the lurch. Especially because many Canadian families depend on. Double income in order to make ends meet. If someone is suddenly unable to work through accident or health problem.

Or because they passed away unexpectedly, a family can be thrown. Entirely into turmoil and trouble. Leaving them without a home, or without a way to pay their bills. And without food to eat, which is entirely preventable.

That is one of the reasons why Thomas Chan is so passionate. About helping Canadians get life insurance plans. As well, he likes to help people understand. That even if they do not think they have enough money to save.

A small amount of money. Saved every single month, over many years. Can equal a lot of money, through savings and compound interest. And it can be a saving grace, and families worst moments.

As well, it is not just the loss of income that people need to plan for. That will surely happen if someone passes away. But also if someone is injured. Or has a health concern that keeps them from the workforce.

It is not just that loss of income, but it is also the expense. Of the treatment that they are going to need. Associated with their injury or health concern. Perhaps they are going to need therapy, going to the hospital.

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Our that they might need a lot of expensive medications. And while a lot of medication is covered under health insurance. Not all of that is covered. And it can be a significant amount of money. Especially when they do not have that second income.

Helping pay for all of their living expenses. It can take a family that seems quite well-off. And completely destroy the family. Leaving them homeless, and deplete their savings. Without food to eat.

And the most sad thing about that scenario says Thomas Chan. Is that it is avoidable, especially if people have the right life insurance Vancouver plan. However, when people start entering the workforce.

They are usually worried about more immediate problems. Such as paying their student loans, or saving for a down payment on a house. This is why Thomas Chan wants to meet with people when they are young.

So that he can help them understand. The importance of life insurance Vancouver. And how saving a little bit of money now. Can provide a lot of peace of mind later in life. If people need to use it.

Ultimately, nobody is going to regret having life insurance. However, people will regret not having it if they need it.

Life Insurance Vancouver | Exposing Life Insurance Myths Today

People should learn about life insurance Vancouver plans says Thomas Chan. Because while many people. They understand the importance of saving. They are often saving for things that they feel are more immediate.

Such as saving for a down payment on a home. Saving for a vacation, and even saving for their own retirement. And while all of these things are very important admits Thomas Chan.

Saving for life insurance is also just as important. Rather than thinking that people have to safe. A large amount of money every month for life insurance. Thomas Chan can help people put together the right life insurance Vancouver plan.

To ensure that people can get what they need, if the unthinkable ever happens. If they are unable to work in the future. Due to an accident or an injury. They are going to need to not only replace that income.

But pay for their medical treatments. That they are surely going to need. And while many people think that they will be able to have their spouse. Take care of them, they should first understand.

That most families require two incomes. In order to make ends meet. And if they are suddenly not able to work. It is not very likely that there spouse. Is going to be able to look after them. In fact the spouse may be forced.

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To work even harder, in order to pay for all of the bills. And expenses of life. Let alone all the additional expenses they might have to pay for. Due to health concern, or medical condition that requires treatment.

As well, Thomas Chan does not like to bring up to happy couples. The divorce rates in Canada, which are at almost 40%. Chances are very good. That people are not going to have a spouse. When the unthinkable does happen to the family.

Therefore, rather than planning on a future. That requires having somebody else. Thomas Chan wants to impart the wisdom. Of why having life insurance Vancouver. Ensures that they will be fine.

New matter what happens in their personal life. And if they do have a spouse. Then they have one less thing to worry about. As well, people should not expect their children or their parents to support them if something happens as well.

For one reason, many parents. Have underestimated how much money they need. In retirement, and are using their savings. Or spending more money than they expect. And cannot afford.

To support someone if they have had an accident or an injury. Or, would not be able to support someone if their spouse passes away. Similarly, people should not count on their children being able to support them.

Especially because more children are expecting to have. A larger financial crunch, when they get to be adults themselves. By working with Thomas Chan to put together the right life insurance Vancouver plan. People can ensure that they have the finances set aside. For the worst-case scenario, but hope it never happens.